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Julia and Dominik flew to BC from Germany for their Squamish elopement in the mountains. From the time that they made the first contact until the day of the elopement, less than a week of time had gone by. It was a true elopement in every sense!

A Squamish elopement in the mountains is a truly special day. Being able to celebrate your relationship with your partner, surrounded by all of the good things that Mother Nature has to offer. Giant trees, huge rocks, the smell of fresh pine and amazing views of the ocean.  A huge bonus is that the mountains near Squamish are accessible all year round for all-inclusive elopements, without worrying too much about snow.

squamish elopement in the mountains ceremony location

bride groom cuddling during squamish mountain elopement

Julia first came to Canada back in 2007 on a student exchange when she was in high school. She lived in Squamish and Whistler and has truly felt like the Sea-to-Sky Corridor is home ever since. Fast forward to 2010 when Julia moved to The Netherlands for her first year of university. While unpacking into the student residence, she bumped into Dominik at the elevator (or maybe outside of her car, they disagree on the first time the saw each other.) According to Julia, “It was love at first sight, for both of us.” From their first official date two weeks after moving into the same building, Julia and Dominik have been together ever since.

While Julia has made the trip back to BC several times in the last ten years, it wasn’t until September 2019 that Dominik was able to join her on one. They toured from Calgary to Vancouver in an RV, seeing all of the major tourist destinations with perfect weather. At Moraine Lake, the unexpected happened. On a clear bird day, in the middle of the afternoon, they found themselves alone at one of the best lookout points. Dominik took that as a sign, got down on one knee, and asked Julia to marry him. Julia said yes, and the rest of their trip was perfect – until they got to Squamish that is. Upon arrival at Julia’s favourite place in the world, the clouds rolled in, and it rained for 4 days straight to finish their trip. The fact that the Sea-to-Sky Gondola was also closed made both of them vow to come back as soon as they could.

Julia’s birthday is in March, and Dominik surprised her a couple of weeks early with another trip to BC. With only a week, it was going to be a short trip, but hopefully, they would have good weather to explore Squamish. They sent us an email the day before they left for their trip, asking about our all-inclusive elopement packages so that they could scout areas around Squamish for a possible spring of 2021 elopement.

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After we mentioned we had availability during their trip, and we had an all-inclusive adventure package for their Squamish elopement in the mountains, Julia and Dominik started thinking that it could actually work. A few hours before they needed to head to the airport, Julia was able to buy a dress and have her mother alter it as necessary.

Upon arriving in Squamish, we chose the best day in the week based on the weather forecast and made concrete plans for Julia and Dominik’s BC elopement. With Paul on videography, Tara on photography and myself officiating (and photography as well) we had a great team ready. We arranged a riverside, rainforest location for a mossy first look before loading into the truck for a trip up to the snowline. The adventure really began when we arrived at the trailhead and had to put snowshoes on. Julia changed out of her wedding skirt and put jeans on for the twenty-minute hike. As we crested the last hill before reaching the ceremony location, Julia and Dominik stopped in their tracks when they saw the view.

After a quick change back into her wedding dress, I performed their wedding ceremony, and Julia and Dominik shared their first kiss. They took a moment to celebrate the commitment they made to each other and we popped a bottle of champagne to toast their relationship. With the weather cooling down as the sun started to set, they wrapped themselves up in a quilt to keep warm. After a few portraits, we headed back to the truck to sign the legal paperwork and head down the mountain. When we reached the river bottom, we all sat around a bonfire and cooked s’mores – a first experience for the German couple.

Julia and Dominik’s Squamish elopement in the mountains went off without a hitch. After taking another day to relax, they headed back to Germany to tell all of their family and friends about their experience and share their sneak peek photos and videos.  Check out Julia’s review of her day on Google and Facebook.

Bride getting ready for elopement

mossy first look location at squamish river

first look under mossy arch squamish elopement in the mountains

intimate moment with bride and groom in mossy forest

squamish elopement in the mountains forest first look

squamish rainforest mossy elopement

squamish river elopement bride groom moss

walking through forest for squamish elopemtns

mountaintop view of squamish valley

bride putting on snowshoes to hike to elopement location

hiking to squamish elopement in the mountains with snowshoes

couple kissing in front of squamish mountain cliffs

bride groom walking to ceremony location in squamish mountaintop elopement

bride and groom admiring the view squamish elopement in the mountains

view of squamish chief from mountaintop elopement

walking across rocks to squamish elopement location in mountains

squamish elopement in the mountains

drone photo of squamish mountaintop elopement

squamish wedding officiant mountaintop elopement

squamish elopement wedding officiant amazing views

wedding ceremony on mountaintop during squamish elopement

wedding couple and squamish elopement officiant

squamish elopement on mountaintop overlooking ocean

epic squamish elopement in the mountains

drone photo of elopement ceremony in squamish mountains

first kiss with epic mountain and ocean views at squamish elopement

first kiss at squamish mountaintop elopement

beautiful couple portrait squamish elopement with ocean and mountain views

couple keeping warm at squamish elopement

bride and groom picnic in the mountains

Watch the teaser video from Julia and Dominik’s Squamish elopement in the mountains. Paul did such a great job!

Officiant | Whistler Steve
Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Videography | Paul Cameron Productions
Florals | Billies Flower House 

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