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So You Are Thinking About Eloping In The Mountains?

Eloping in the mountains opens up a world of possibilities.


Check out our tips below.


Eloping in the mountains means that you get to make all of the decisions for your BIG day. You don't have to take anybody else into consideration when you are planning and if you can dream it you can do it.

It can be a little bit overwhelming, but that's where our amazing team here at Whistler Elopements can help.

We have planned lots of adventures and we are excited to help craft your ideas into an amazing day that you will remember forever!


"Steve facilitated our mountain elopement perfectly, guiding us to a strikingly beautiful and completely secluded location in a beautiful ethereal forest! From morning until sunset, Haydn and I hiked and with the help from Steve, found the perfect spot for our ceremony. It was exactly how a wedding should be - thrilling, peaceful, enthralling and memorable."

-Jill + Haydn

Step One


The sky is the limit. Is there a mountain peak you have always wanted to see? An adventure you have always wanted to go on? Achieve your dreams while eloping in the mountains and create the most memorable experience possible.

  • Start hiking in the dark and say your vows at sunrise overlooking mountain peaks
  • Feel the mist from a waterfall on your face as you hold hands with your partner
  • Charter a helicopter to a 12,000-year-old glacier and walk down the aisle in knee-deep snow
  • Drive a 4x4 up a forest service road until you can't go any further and drink champagne overlooking alpine lakes
  • Take a series of gondolas and chairlifts for a private ceremony with 360° alpine view at sunset
Step Two


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Do you prefer cold weather, warm weather or do you want to throw snowballs in July? Do you want to be up before the sun, or stargazing as you soak in the moments from your mountain elopement?

  • Did you have a date in mind for your anniversary?
  • Is your adventure elopement more practical in certain seasons?
  • Is there a high or low season for your dream elopement location?
  • Elopements on weekdays can be more secluded if you are utilizing a public space
  • Do you need to give family or friends sufficient time to book vacation time and flights? Or is eloping in the mountains a spur of the moment decision?
Step Three


Do you like Champagne, Prosecco or beer better? Do you need to have a change of shoes for your ceremony? Let's chat about the intricate details so that your adventure elopement goes smoothly.


  • Do you want to spend the night in a tent, yurt or cabin or do you need to book accommodations?
  • How many modes of transportation do we need? We should book the helicopter or lift tickets as soon as possible.
  • Are we planning an adventure elopement that requires a professional guide for safety and specialized equipment?
  • Are you going to put your wedding attire on before or after arriving at the ceremony location?
  • Are you inviting guests or will our team act as witnesses for your intimate elopement?
Step Four


It's your wedding day! Let's go on an adventure and live in the moment. Have the best time eloping in the mountains!




  • All of the planning is finished so now is the time to just go with the flow
  • Be present and soak in the moments. Like all wedding days, it will go faster than you think.
  • Enjoy spending time with your partner. If you are connecting, you will have a better experience.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. You may actually sweat on the hike, but as long as you are having fun, you will look amazing!
  • Relive the day. Your photo and video sneak peeks will be ready within a week and you can share your elopement experience with your most important people.

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