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Kirsty and Angus travelled all the way from Australia for a snowy Whistler helicopter wedding elopement. The weather cooperated perfectly with light fluffy clouds and late afternoon sun for a perfect day. Their son, Jack, and their parents joined them for the ceremony on Green Lake before they headed into the mountains with No-Limits Helicopters.

whistler helicopter elopement wedding location Kirsty and Angus’s Whistler helicopter wedding elopement was forecasted to be a rainy, dreary day as many late October days in Whistler are. Having traveled all the way from Australia with their closest family, and having never visited Whistler before, they were immediately in love with the vibe that Whistler puts off. The stunning views offered by the Sea-to-Sky highway while driving up from Vancouver helped seal the deal. They were hooked on Whistler. The day before their Whistler elopement, Paul went with them to tour the different possible valley locations to host their ceremony before No-Limits Helicopters took them into the alpine for some portraits. As soon as they arrived at North Beach, they knew exactly where they wanted to get married. The beach and the trail down from the road reminded Kirsty and Angus of a cabin retreat that they had built together back in Australia. The weather forecast was calling for an all-day drizzle, but that didn’t deter anything. Kirsty and Angus were quite happy to go with the flow in case of rain, and just decided they would get wet if it rained. They had come too far to sacrifice the views of Whistler Blackcomb from across Green Lake. The morning of their Whistler elopement, blue skies with light fluffy clouds graced the landscape – the weather was cooperating. Their son Jack, on the other hand, being just a toddler did get a little grumpy. Enter the overly excitable and musically talented Paul with his acapella version of “Baby Shark” by artist Pinkfong. Jack perked right up and the ceremony went off without a hitch. After the ceremony, Kirsty and Angus, along with Tara and Paul made their way to the Whistler Heliport where No-Limits Helicopters was waiting with their ride into the alpine. The storm from the week before had dropped a lot of deep snow in the alpine, and Kirsty and Angus were treated to fresh powder all over their wedding attire as Tara and Paul captured their adventure in photos and on video. It was a pleasure helping Kirsty and Angus plan and craft this Whistler helicopter elopement wedding and we are excited to share their video (we love it so much, part of it is used as the intro on our home page) and photos. Check out the other great vendors involved in their elopement at the bottom of the blog!     elopement wedding processional bride smiling at wedding green lake view of mountains ring exchange at whistler elopement elopement wedding at whistler green lake whistler elopement green lake first kiss groom cheering after wedding first kiss bride with flowers on green lake groom waiting for bride at whistler lake elopement bride groom with young son whistler wedding photos mountains from the air wedding couple in helicopter bride in helicopter Bride groom exiting helicopter at whistler elopement wedding groom throwing snow at helicopter elopement wedding mountaintop wedding portraits in snow groom tying brides boots in snowy wedding elopement wedding couple walking through deep snow wedding couple on mountaintop with helicopter whistler helicopter elopement wedding location bride groom walking through snow on mountaintop groom in helicopter after elopement black tusk at sunset
A big thanks to all of the other vendors involved in Kirsty and Angus’ Whistler Helicopter wedding elopement! Hair + Make-up | Natacha Trottier Officiant | Toni Potters Photo | Tara Lilly Photography of Whistler Elopements Video | Paul Cameron Productions of Whistler Elopements Helicopter | No-Limits Helicopters