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Transforming Rainy Wedding Days into Unforgettable Moments

Smiling couple sharing a romantic kiss under an umbrella on their rainy wedding day

Loving couple passionately kissing amidst a gentle rainfall on their wedding day

Rain is a fact of life. We can’t control the weather and we can only accept whatever Mother Nature throws our way. When it rains on your wedding day, it can definitely change the best laid plans, but it definitely isn’t going to ruin your day. Rainy wedding days can be the most beautiful, intimate wedding days. However, being able to embrace the weather, and make the most of the environment we have to work with, there are a few steps we can take in advance.

Trust us:
We live, work and play in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. We have planned and executed hundred of weddings and elopements in every possible type of weather. We have thought of the back-up plans and planned for all of the environmental possibilities. We have checked the weather on several different forecasting models. We know the mountains. We are doing everything possible to make sure your rainy wedding is everything you want it to be.

Have a back up plan:
During your initial consultation, we will talk about possible weather scenarios based on the season you want to get married in. That can mean snow, rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, wildfire smoke, or perfectly bluebird skies. We will decide on a Plan A, make tentative options for a Plan B, as well as discuss ideas for a Plan C.

Once we are within 3-5 days of your wedding, we will look closely at the long range weather forecast and decide on how we want to proceed. At that time, we can decide to go with Plan A or Plan B or decide to wait and make a last minute decision based on actual current weather conditions.

Embrace the rain!
Rain days can be incredibly beautiful. Especially when we are getting into the mountains, often we can get into the clouds, or potentially even above the clouds. The clouds and fog create a moody, ethereal atmosphere that photographs really well and makes photos of you and your partner really pop.
Humans aren’t made of sugar, and we really won’t melt with a little moisture. Let’s go out in the rain, with umbrellas or without. We can find some big trees to stand underneath to mitigate some of the weather, but we can do almost anything in the rain that we can do in the sunshine.

Be Flexible.
Be flexible with location. Often if it is raining in Squamish or Whistler, there are still blue skies in Pemberton. There are so many different micro-climates throughout the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, and we can take advantage of those to avoid as much weather as possible.

Be flexible with timing. Weather systems in the mountains can often roll through fairly quickly and the modelling and forecasting systems are fairly accurate. Maybe we can move your wedding earlier or later in the day when there is a break in the clouds.

Be flexible with your date. Depending on the time of year, our team might be available and flexible to bump your wedding a day earlier or later to accommodate the weather. There can be minor rescheduling fees for some vendors, but if everyone is still available, everyone is generally accommodating.

Have fun!
Your wedding is a celebration of your love story and the life you are creating together. A little rain isn’t going to change the commitment or love you feel for each other. Focus on the fact that you are spending the day with your partner, celebrating the two of you. It might be cheesy, but don’t be afraid to dance in the rain!

Smiling couple sharing a romantic kiss under an umbrella on their rainy wedding day

Elopement couple reading their vows to each other on a beautifully moody, overcast day

Joyful couple laughing with their celebrant during their rain-soaked wedding ceremony

Couple standing together on a dock, holding umbrellas as they enjoy the rain during their romantic wedding day

Delighted couple sharing a laugh as they read their wedding vows in the rain, embracing the moment wholeheartedly

Loving couple standing in the rain, reading their heartfelt wedding vows to each other during their intimate ceremony

Affectionate couple standing close together under an umbrella, enjoying their special day in the rain

Elopement couple sitting by the fire

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