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We asked some of our couples a simple question, “why elope?” Some do it for the thrill of marrying the love of your life on a mountaintop. Others do it to have an intimate moment in time they share only with each other. Keep reading for the answers to, “why elope?”  from couples who chose to forego tradition and get married the way they truly wanted!

when asked why elope, one couple said for adventure

when asked why elope, one couple said for adventure

when asked why elope, one couple said for adventure

when asked why elope, one couple said for adventure

The results, you ask? People elope for so many different reasons. Every couple is different, so really, why should we expect every wedding to feel the same? That’s why our couples choose to elope. For the chance to celebrate their love in a way that feels true to them. For a day that is spent doing all of the things they want to do and nothing else. It creates a day that is completely about them – unique and unforgettable. And we think that’s the way it should be. 

So when we asked, “why elope?” our couples told us they did it for…

The Experience! Some chose to elope because of a love for adventure and the outdoors. They wanted the day they got married to be an experience to remember, surrounded by nature. Melissa + Josh knew that an adventure elopement was exactly what they envisioned. When asked, “why elope?” they said, “our dream was just the two of us and some mountains. And we were just too excited to wait!” We’re so happy they didn’t wait! Their helicopter elopement was a dream!

Less Stress! Some chose to elope as a way to say no to a traditional wedding, to the guests, to the decisions, to the opinions of others. They wanted their day to be stress-free and about them. No fluff. It was all about being able to celebrate how they truly wanted. For Serena + Erik, eloping was a way to, “keep it low stress and be able to do exactly what we wanted!” Their epic winter wonderland elopement was the perfect example of how your day can be laid back, beautiful and most importantly, stress free!

The Privacy! Some chose to elope because being around large groups of people, even those they love, felt daunting. They wanted to be calm and present, to focus on their partner and the commitment they were making. Dee told us that, “it was so much more personal and relaxed which suits us as a couple down to a T!”

The Safety of Others! This was a new one for us as the pandemic changed everything. Suddenly large weddings were simply not an option. While some couples chose to postpone their ceremonies, others did not want to wait. So they chose to elope to keep family and friends safe during the pandemic. They made the best of an unprecedented time, and can’t wait to have a big celebration with loved ones when they can! Karley + Adam did just that. When asked, “why elope?” they told us, “we wanted to have some certainty during such an uncertain time and Whistler Elopements made it sooooo easy!” We’re so grateful we could continue creating magical experiences for our couples, even during these wild times!!

Our couples choose to elope because it feels like the best way to celebrate their love! Whatever that means for them. At each elopement we get to see the magic first hand. The sincerity. The energy. Often the tears! The love. So much love. It’s why we are obsessed with what we do. We are ready to craft an elopement that celebrates you + your partner, exactly the way you want. Head over to our contact page and let’s get to planning the best day ever! No fluff, no stress. Just a little adventure and a whole lot of love! Are you ready? If so, here’s a little bit of inspiration to get you started. Which unique elopement is your favourite?

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